Here are some videos I created either on Ask This Old House or for other projects that will help you get started making your home more efficient today.



  • Make and Use a 5 Gallon Biogas Digester, Part 1: Make The Digester

  • Make And Use A Small Scale Biogas Digester: Part 2

  • Wood Gas Powered Truck

  • How to Monitor Electrical Use at Home

  • How Leaky Are Your Furnace Ducts?

  • How to Test and Fix Leaky Ducts

    Energy expert Paul Scheckel and Kevin discussed ways to monitor energy usage around the house.

  • Unplug Your Appliances - How Phantom Power Costs You

  • Time for a New Fridge? Assessing Energy Consumption

  • Installing Faucet Aerators - An Inexpensive Water Saver