Want to work on an energy efficiency project for your home or business? I've worked with homeowners, architects, developers and business owners around the country to help them go green and save. Have a project? Let's talk.

Working with "The Energy Guy"



Attic insulation? Solar power? New windows? More efficient car?

I can provide on-site or remote home energy analysis and recommendations for improvements. As an experienced and unbiased third-party consultant, I will help you decide how best to spend your energy improvement dollars to help you meet your energy, cost, and carbon savings goals.


Utilities, Governments, and Energy Services Companies

Through Shelter Analytics, our team can help you design a turn-key efficiency program ranging from New Construction to Deep Energy Retrofit, we can help you with technical standards and program guidelines.




Integrated Program Design

Get some energy coaching through real-time energy use feedback and managed home energy monitoring from PowerWise Systems. We provide analysis of improvement costs and measures, and can bring integrated web design.




Workshops and Media

As a media savvy, nationally recognized expert on energy efficiency, Paul is available to deliver timely, accurate, energy saving information to a variety of audiences.